Adding Appeagle as a Developer

Amazon currently offers two different ways to give Appeagle access to your marketplaces.  Previously, most sellers used their own secret key and access key which was the only way to add a developer before Amazon implemented a stricter system for providing developers authorized access to your account.

When developers access an account using a secret key and access key, you will not see them listed as authorized developers when looking at the permissions page in Amazon.

Amazon has started moving sellers away from this kind of authentication and for stability and security, Appeagle is asking all customers to switch their marketplaces over to an authentication token authorization.

To add Appeagle as an authorized developer with access to your Seller Central account, choose from one of the links below depending on which marketplace you would like to add. 

You will only need to do this one time for each regional platform (North America/Europe) you sell on. For example, if you sell on Amazon US, CA, and MX, the same auth token you get after registering one marketplace will be used for all 3 marketplaces. 

Amazon US 

Amazon CA

Amazon MX

Amazon UK

Amazon DE

Amazon FR

Amazon ES

Amazon IT

1. Login to your Seller Central account using your Amazon credentials

2. Select “I want to use an application to access my Amazon seller account with MWS”

3. Enter the following information into the corresponding fields in Seller Central, click next:

  • Application name: Appeagle
  • Developer account number:
    • North America (Amazon US/CA/MX): 992833626332 
    • Europe (Amazon UK/DE/FR/ES/IT): 954124538307

Once you’ve given Appeagle permission to access your Amazon Seller Account and agreed to the Terms of Service, you will be brought to a confirmation page.

On that confirmation page, Amazon should give you an “MWS auth token.”  Please head over to your Marketplaces page and input this token in the specified field.