Profit-based min/max prices

Profit-based min/max prices

An additional method of Setting min/max prices in Appeagle is using our profit-based option. 

This feature allows you to specify a target profit on your listings, either as a percentage or fixed price of your total sales price. Our system will automatically determine min and max prices for your listings after accounting for marketplace, shipping, and/or FBA fees. 


Creating a profit-based min/max

Profit-based pricing is accessible within the very last section of your strategy.

  1. Select "Profit" from the last section of your strategy.
  2. Select whether you would like to use a Percentage or Fixed Value
    1. Percentage: specify a percentage profit to target for your min and max prices. Selecting a min price percentage of 20%, for example, will ensure that at your min price, 20% of your min price will result in profit after accounting for any expenses (costs, shipping, fees)
    2. Fixed Value: specify a fixed value to target for your min and max prices. This will automatically use the currency of the marketplace the listing is sold on. Selecting a min price value of $2, for example, will ensure that at your min price, you will earn $2 in profit after accounting for any expenses (costs, shipping, fees)
  3. After you've confirmed your formula is correct, simply hit save and finish the strategy.



  • Amazon fees are calculated using Amazon's GetMyFeesEstimate Products API call. If incomplete data is returned via this call for any reason, we will not be able to determine a min price. 
  • eBay fees are calculated at 10% of your final sale price
  • Walmart listings are ineligible for profit-based min/max prices because Walmart does not expose their fee structure via an API
  • Appeagle determines your min and max prices using profit margin, not return on investment (ROI) 
  • Creating your profit-based pricing is done within your strategy. Choosing "Manual", you will set your own Min and Max prices individually or in bulk using templates.
  • In rare circumstances, with incomplete product information, FBA fees cannot be retrieved from Amazon. When FBA fees are not retrieved for an FBA listing, min/max prices will not be calculated. 
  • A manually set min/max price will override a profit-based min/max price. 
  • Appeagle does not immediately receive updated shipping costs. Click here to review the different ways of how to prevent repricing during this process.
  • Banded shipping is not supported in Appeagle. Using a fixed price shipping method to avoid possible incorrect price revisions is highly recommended. Learn More
  • If your listing appears in a marketplace that uses a different currency than what you've specified, Appeagle will automatically convert the currency for you.
  • Exchange rates and min prices are adjusted accordingly at 6:00am GMT daily.