Managing Amazon MWS Permissions

Amazon allows sellers to manage third party access to their Seller Central account from the Account Manager section of Seller Central.

Amazon has additional detailed information on their Help Center regarding the Amazon MWS Developer Permissions Manager.

Revoking Permissions

If for any reason you would like to completely remove any access Appeagle has to your Amazon account, you can easily do so by revoking the granted MWS Developer Permissions. Clicking the "Revoke access" link will remove any access Appeagle has to your Amazon account to see information or make changes. 

If you revoke this access and want to add your Amazon account back to Appeagle again in the future, you will need to repeat the steps to add your marketplace from the beginning. 

Confirming Access

In an effort to provide better security for its sellers, Amazon has recently instituted a new program that requires sellers to confirm developer access to their seller accounts every 12 months. This helps sellers keep up to date with the third party services, like Appeagle, that should have access to their account and remove the services that no longer should. 

This program currently requires sellers to opt-in to participate, but Amazon may eventually require all seller accounts to participate. If you would like to opt-in to this program, you can do so from the Account Manager section of your Seller Central account by clicking the "enable" link under "Your Account Information."

For sellers enrolled in this program, an email will be sent in advance of Appeagle's developer permissions expiring. That email will include a link to confirm access. Clicking that link to confirm access will renew Appeagle's access for 12 additional months.  If you do not confirm access after receiving this email, Appeagle will no longer be able to access your Amazon Seller Central account.

The Account Manager section of Seller Central will display the Access Expiration Date of all current authorizations, and access can be extended for an additional 12 months at any time by clicking the "Confirm access" link under the "Action Taken" section.