Why is my account suspended?

If the credit card on file for your account is declined after three consecutive daily tries, your account will go into suspended status. We will not suspend your account on weekends, holidays, or Mondays. You will receive an e-mail and see the following banner notice in your account, and you will need to update your billing information in order to resume service.  

Simply follow the link provided or go to the Subscription Page within your account to update your billing information.

Reactivating Your Marketplaces

As soon as your account is suspended, all marketplaces in your account are immediately deactivated. This is done because pricing information and inventory quantity may go out of date in the time that your account is suspended. After updating your billing information, your marketplaces are not automatically reactivated. You should confirm that all specified min/max prices and inventory are correct, and if not, make any changes before reactivating your account. If you unsuspened your account within the 3 days we attempt to bill you, we will automatically reactivate marketplaces.

There will be a notification in your account that there is an inactive marketplace, and clicking the notification will take you to that specific marketplace. You can also access your marketplaces page where you will see a list of all marketplaces added to your account.

On each marketplace that is deactivated, you will see a notice that "This marketplace is Deactivated." All you need to do to reactivate the marketplace is click enabled. Once you have done this for each marketplace, repricing and inventory changes will resume across your entire account.