What happens when you cancel your account?

4 Very Important Things To Keep In Mind:


  1. After 30 days your data in Appeagle will be permanently deleted.
  2. Marketplaces, strategies and min/max prices will be unrecoverable.
  3. If you are on a Legacy Plan and cancel/upgrade/downgrade your account you will lose access to the plan entirely. This means if you'd like to come back to Appeagle in the future you will be placed on one of our current plans.
  4. No prorated refunds are offered when cancelling your account as we bill on a month-to-month basis with no contract. We like to recommend cancelling your account right before your next bill date, this way you are using the entire month of service in which you paid for. The billing date can be found on the Dashboard page of your account under the "Subscription Details."



Note: You will no longer be charged after cancelling. For any questions or concerns please reach out to our support team at Support@appeagle.com.