What are the best ways to reprice upwards?

One of the main goals of our software is to reprice our users to be as competitive as possible within their parameters. This usually means lowering a price to increase sales and gain Buy Box ownership. With that being said, there are also methods of repricing where you can avoid being the lowest seller on a listing to focus more on potential profit. 

Pricing Above your competition

Setting your pricing rule to: "Price Above", which can be set as a percentage or fixed amount, will ensure that you have the higher price over your direct competitor. This rule is especially useful for FBA sellers (Amazon), who can be priced higher than MFN sellers (Amazon) and retain the Buy Box. 

Choose how to reprice: "Use Max Price"

These settings were created to allow you to specify how your price should be adjusted in certain circumstances including: No Competition, Competition Below Min Price, and Competition Matches Min Price. You can choose "Use Max Price" to price upward when these scenarios occur.

Enable "Don't Lower My Price" (Advanced Setting) 

This function allows you to either stay at your current price or price upwards once you've won the Buy Box. Your price will NOT be lowered even if your competition settings have been adjusted to "Use your Min Price". "Use Max Price" settings will continue to be followed. 

Note: The "Don't lower my price" option is always enabled when using Get the Buy Box and Competition Type Buy Box as a strategy.