Suppressed Buy Box

A suppressed buy box is when Amazon completely removes the Buy Box on a listing. Below is an example of what the offer page will look like when Amazon has removed the buy box:

Instead of seeing "Add to Cart" there is a "See All Buying Options" button. We believe that there are two reasons why Amazon removes the buy box:

  1. All selling prices are above MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail price)
  2. There are currently no Buy Box eligible offers on the page


Note: To pull competition prices when there is no Buy Box, we recommend creating a different strategy type that is not competing for just the Buy Box. We have our custom and pre-configured strategies where you can compete against your own fulfillment type, the lowest offer on the page, or simply the lowest Buy Box eligible item on the offer page.

Identifying suppressed Buy Box items:

You can identify these items up on the listings page of your account by setting your views to:

  • Filter By: All Marketplaces (If applicable, you can filter by particular Amazon marketplace)
  • Sort By: No Buy Box for Listing

The view below will pull up all items with no buy box for you to review.


Important: If you are competing directly against the buy box, it is the user's responsibility to adjust the strategy settings for the following conditions:
  • Sellers who are not Featured Merchants
  • Listings in New Books (only Amazon qualifies for Buy Box placement in the new books category. Used FBA offers qualify for Buy Used Box placement)
  • MFN sellers in the New Music category
  • MFN sellers in the New DVD category
  • Listings with no current Buy Box