How does Appeagle import listings data from Amazon?

Which Reports Does Appeagle Use?

Appeagle uses the Active Listings Data report from your Amazon account to populate listing information. A listing has to appear in this report in order for Appeagle to display it in your account.

Merchant fulfilled listings with no live inventory will not be imported. As soon as this report shows that the inventory for a particular listing is greater than 0, it will be imported into Appeagle. For users with Quantity Sync enabled, listings with 0 inventory will be imported as well. All FBA listings will be imported regardless of inventory count or whether or not Quantity Sync is enabled. 

The inventory count for FBA listings in the Active Listings Report will always be blank, so we use the Amazon-fulfilled Inventory Report to determine inventory counts for FBA listings. Only inventory displayed as SELLABLE in this report will count as inventory in Appeagle, and UNSELLABLE inventory will be ignored. 

Appeagle requests new versions of these reports roughly every 15 minutes, so any updates to these reports may take up to 15 minutes to propagate in Appeagle. 

How Can I See These Reports?

These reports are visible to sellers by going to the Inventory Reports section in your Seller Central account, accessible by clicking Inventory on the menu bar and selecting Inventory Reports. Once on this page, you'll see a list of reports previously requested by Appeagle and any other third party services you have integrated with your account. You can make a request for a new Active Listings Report or Amazon-fulfilled Inventory reports, or view a previously generated instance of either of these reports. 

What if a Report is Incorrect?

If you're noticing a discrepancy between what you see in your Seller Central account and Appeagle, this could be due to an error in Amazon's Reporting. For example, if a listing that's live on the offer page has not imported into Appeagle or if you're noticing an active listing is displayed as inactive.

You can view these reports using the steps outlined above to confirm that what you're seeing in the reports is incorrect. If this is the case, you can contact Seller Central Support for assistance in correcting any discrepancies. If you reference the SKU or ASIN in question, the Report Type and Batch ID in which you saw the issue, and explain what the issue is, Seller Central Support should be able to fix these errors for you. 

If you have any questions on how Appeagle interacts with these reports or how to address any discrepancies, please feel free to contact us at