Get the Buy Box

How Does it Work?

Our Get the Buy Box algorithm will compare your offer and seller metrics against the offer currently in the buy box and determine an initial price that it anticipates will land your offer in the buy box. Appeagle will reprice you within your Min and Max parameters to get you in the Buy Box for as often and as long as possible. If this initial price change does not result in your offer winning the buy box, your price will be lowered incrementally in regular intervals until your offer wins the buy box. Your offer’s price will never be lowered while still in the buy box.

Once the algorithm prices your offer into the buy box, it will continue to track the other offers on the listing. If the previous buy box owner sells out or raises their price, your offer price will be raised against the next buy box eligible offer on the listing. Get the Buy Box is optimized to have your offer in the buy box for the maximum amount of time possible.

Important: Your price will not be raised while in the buy box unless we detect that the offer landscape has changed in a way that will allow you to hold on to the buy box at that higher price. 

Back ordered items

When you fulfill your orders through Amazon, it’s possible that some of your items will be shipped from one fulfillment center to another due to a high demand of the product within specific regions, or their seasonality.
This program is called Distributed Inventory Placement, and you can read more about it here.
While your items are in transit, they will have a ‘back ordered’ status on the marketplace. Amazon will not notify you when this takes place, nor can you prevent it from occurring without paying a fee.


GtBB will determine if your items are ‘back ordered’ (in transit), and instead of lowering the price continuously, we will only make an initial price change to put your price in line with your competitor in the buy box, but will not lower your price in attempt to chase the buy box while your offer is still back ordered. We will only start to lower your price again if you do not get the buy box once your item is no longer back ordered.

Note: Pre-Ordered items, which could be MFN or FBA will be treated as back ordered.

Are You Buy Box Eligible?

You must be Buy Box eligible to use this setting. Sellers and listings that cannot win the Buy Box will have their prices lowered until they hit their min price. It is the user's responsibility to ensure that this setting remains disabled for the following conditions:

  • Sellers who are not Featured Merchants
  • Listings in New Books (Used FBA offers qualify for Buy Used Box placement)
  • MFN sellers in the New Music category
  • MFN sellers in the New DVD category
  • Listings with no current Buy Box


 To Check Eligibility in Your Amazon Seller Central:

  1. Go to "Manage Inventory" in Seller Central.
  2. Click on the "Preferences" button.
  3. In the Column Display section, locate the field for "Buy Box Eligible" and select “Show when available” from the drop-down menu.


Each item will then display if it is Buy Box eligible. If they are, you are considered a Featured Merchant by Amazon and thus Buy Box eligible. If you are not, then that listing cannot win the Buy Box.