Template Specs

Editable Columns

The following template specs are required in any upload when making a change to the corresponding information. Deleting the header row will make the upload file invalid. Values are required in order for a change to be made and any field left blank will be ignored on import. 

When uploading your changes, please make sure that your file is in either .csv or .txt format. 

MAP_PRICE Amazon only field. Set  a MAP  price on Amazon to hide your item price, until the item has been added to a customer's cart.
SKU The SKU you wish to update. With the exception of the "Update Group Inventory" template, this is a required field. Your import will fail if the SKU number is missing. 
INVENTORY Your available inventory for an item. The data in this column can only be updated if Quantity Sync is enabled. 
MEMO The memo field allows you to enter any notes about your SKU. If you leave this field blank, the field will be ignored on import and will not overwrite an existing memo with a blank one. 
GROUP_NAME Specify a value to assign  a SKU  to a group. If the group does not exist, it will be created. 
GROUP_INVENTORY The available inventory for the group specified in GROUP_NAME. If there is no value specified for a new group, it will be created with "0" inventory. If multiple SKUs in the same group have different values in the "GROUP_INVENTORY" column, the last value in the file will be used.  
MARKETPLACE_ID The marketplace identifier for repricing information. You can find the ID for each marketplace on your marketplace card. This field is required if values are entered in the MIN_PRICE, MAX_PRICE, MAP_PRICE, HANDLING_DAYS, MANAGED, MANUAL_PRICE OR STRATEGY_ID.
COST If you are updating this field, your costs should be uploaded in the currency that you purchased the item in.
CURRENCY Enter the currency code that corresponds to your item's cost. When a cost is specified, the currency code is required in order for your file to be processed successfully. 
MIN_PRICE The minimum price you are willing to sell your item for (shipping included). To remove a min price, a zero must be entered in this column because blank fields are always ignored on import. This price should always be entered in the currency the marketplace calls for. i.e. for Amazon US, you would calculate your min/max prices in US dollars.
MAX_PRICE The maximum price you are willing to sell an item for (shipping included).To remove a max price a zero must be entered in this column, blank fields are always ignored on import. This price should always be entered in the currency the marketplace calls for. i.e. for Amazon US, you would calculate your min/max prices in US dollars.
MANUAL_PRICE Use this field to set manual prices for your listings (shipping included). Entering a value in this field will disable repricing and the manual price will be used instead. If this field is left blank it will be ignored in import. Enter a 0 to delete the manual price and re-enable automatic repricing.
HANDLING_DAYS Amazon only field. Set the handling time that will show up on your offer. Quantity Sync must be enabled in order to set your handling days in Appeagle.
MANAGED Indicate whether or not you would like Appeagle to manage this listing. Unmanaged listings do not count towards your listing limit. Input a value as follows:1= Managed 0= Unmanaged

The ID number of the strategy that you would like to a listing assigned to. The Strategy ID can be found on your strategy card. 

Informational Columns

Important: The following columns are for informational purposes only. Any changes made to these columns will be ignored on import. 

TITLE The title allows you to easily identify SKUs. 
LIVE_INVENTORY Amount of inventory that is live on the marketplace. This column is only available in the "All Available Fields' template.
ITEM_ID The Amazon ASIN or eBay item ID
LISTING_TYPE The type on the marketplace. FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) MFN (Merchant Fulfilled Network)
CURRENT_PRICE The current live total price (including shipping) on the marketplace. If your listings have shipping costs, you can determine your offer price by subtracting CURRENT_SHIPPING from CURRENT_PRICE. 
CURRENT_SHIPPING  The current shipping price on the marketplace.
ORIGINAL_PRICE The price the listing was at when it was imported into Appeagle. This price does not include shipping.