Bulk Editing

Our templates allow users to edit information in bulk through spreadsheets rather than one by one on the listings page of Appeagle. We offer 10 different types of templates that can be downloaded within your account on the uploads page. You can choose "All Available Fields" to export and view all of your data within one file, or a template that features the specific columns of what you're looking to update.


  • Uploads must be in either .CSV or .TXT format in order for Appeagle to recognize the changes being made. 
  • Values are required in order for a change to be made and any field left blank will be ignored on import. For example, entering a 0 in the MANUAL_PRICE column will remove the manual price entirely.
  • Deleting or renaming any of the headers will make the file invalid. You can remove an entire column that you're not updating and only the SKU column is required. Learn more here.


To Access The Templates


Template Types:

Only items that are managed will be exported into templates. Your unmanaged items will be displayed in the Manage or Unmanage listings template only.

All Available Fields: This template is suggested for making multiple updates in bulk all within the same template. For example, if you would like to update your min and max prices, cost prices, manual prices and/or strategies all in one place this would be the best template. Only managed items will be displayed in this template.

Update Inventory: For Quantity Sync users only. If this setting is enabled in your account all updates can be made to your inventory count in bulk.

Update Group Inventory: For Quantity Sync users only. If this setting is enabled all "Groups" can be updated in bulk. Groups allow you to combine your listings so they share one universal amount of available inventory.

Set or Update Min/Max Prices: If you already know what your min and max prices are you can enter them in bulk using this template. This would be considered manually setting your min and max prices.

Set or Update Cost: If you would like to provide Appeagle with your cost prices in bulk. If you are using our hosted file feature to calculate your cost prices this would be the best template to use.

Set or Update Strategies: If you have a large number of listings and do not want them all using the same strategy, you can easily assign many listings to different strategies in this template by the strategy id.

Set or Update Manual Prices: If you have a large number of listings where you'd like to remove or set a manual price in bulk (a 0 must be entered to remove a manual price entirely).

Manage or Unmanaged Listings: Setting a 1 will set a listing to managed, setting a 0 will set a listing to unmanaged.

MAP and Handling Time: For Amazon listings only. In some situations, manufacturers may require sellers to advertise their items at a price that the manufacturer sets, these items can be set in bulk using this feature along with your handling time. Handling time can only be set for Quantity Sync users only.

Set Amazon Min-Max Prices: This template is set up in Amazon's specifications. If at any point you would like to sync your min/max prices set in Appeagle to your Amazon account this is the best template to use.


After making any changes in these templates simply saving and uploading the file back into Appeagle will instantly update all changes.

Why Did My File Fail?

If we detect any type of error in a file that is uploaded into Appeagle it will fail. We have a downloadable "Error File" that provides additional detail pinpointing the exact cause of the error and what line of the file that must be adjusted properly.

Appeagle will send an email when your upload fails or has an error. An email from Appeagle should be received with the heading "Your Appeagle upload file has failed" in your inbox.