Active vs Inactive Listings

All Appeagle plans include a listing limit. This is the total number of listings that can be managed in your account. This limit can be increased for an additional cost on the Enterprise plan.

Please Note: If you deactivate your marketplace, the listings within that marketplace will still count toward your limit. If you are attempting to decrease your total number of managed listings, you will need to remove the marketplace from your account. Deactivating a marketplace will NOT unmanage  your listings. 

Listing Status Types

Active: Listings that are live with stock and actively being managed by Appeagle. A min price is required to start repricing.

  • When your price is below your direct competition, "Your Price" will be green.
  • When your price is above your direct competition, the "Competition" price will be red.


Inactive: Any listing with an inactive status will not be repriced nor display the competition or buy box price of an item. Inactive listings do not count towards your listing limit.

  • Inactive (deleted): Merchant fulfilled (items commonly known as MFN or FBM listings) that have been deleted on the marketplace and display "deleted" in Appeagle to reflect that change. Appeagle does not have the ability to automatically delete your listings. Once a listing displays Inactive(deleted) in Appeagle, it can no longer be updated or relisted. Deleted listings will remain in your account for 30 days, after which they are permanently removed.
  • Inactive (Unmanaged): Unmanaging a listing is a way to exclude specific items from repricing. Unmanaged listings are never modified by Appeagle, even when the listing is in stock.
  • Inactive (Out-Of-Stock): Your listing will become inactive(out of stock) when there is 0 inventory in the live column. Even if available inventory is listed on  a SKU,  the listing will not become active until the available inventory is relisted to reflect in the live column.

How Listings Are Managed

When you first add your marketplace to Appeagle, all of your listings are downloaded and will be managed by default.

You can view your unmanaged listings by clicking on the "Listing Views" menu and selecting "Inactive Listings". To change the status of all your unmanaged listings click the "Change all Unmanaged listings to Managed" link at the top of the page. The "Permanently remove all deleted listings" link, allows you to remove any listing with a status of Inactive(deleted) from your account.

Managing/Unmanaging SKUs


Individually on the Listings Page

  1. Click on the pencil icon in the first column of the listings page.
  2. Select "Yes/No" from the drop-down of the Managed field.
  3. Click "Save" to apply your changes.screenshot_081617_125814_pm_720.jpg


Multiple At A Time

To change the status of multiple listings, check off each listing and select "Managed" from the Actions menu. 

Using Templates

To update the status on a large number of listings, it may be best to use a template. The "Manage or  Unmanage  Listings" templates contains the necessary columns to allow you to update the status on your listings.

  • Enter a "1" for listings you would like managed under the manage column.
  • Enter a "0" for listings you would like unmanaged under the manage column.
  • Save file and upload changes back into Appeagle.


Important: A value must be entered for a change  to apply, any field left blank will be ignored during the upload process. When uploading your changes please make sure that your file is in either .csv or .txt format.