Skubana Integration

Skubana is an all-in-one multi-channel order fulfillment and inventory management solution. With Appeagle's Skubana integration, any costs entered or updated in Skubana will be automatically pushed to Appeagle on an hourly basis. 

After enabling the integration, any costs already set in Appeagle will be overridden by values set in Skubana. If a cost is changed in Appeagle, the cost will be overridden in the next update from Skubana. 

There are three potential sources of a product's cost in Skubana that will sync cost to Appeagle. 

  1. PO_FIFO_QUEUE: Every time a Purchase Order is completed, the product cost will be equal to the latest PO product cost.
  2. VENDOR_PRODUCT: If there is no PO_FIFO_QUEUE value, the product cost will be the vendor product cost.
  3. DEFAULT_VENDOR_COST: If there is no PO_FIFO_QUEUE and no VENDOR_PRODUCT cost, the product cost will be the default vendor cost.


All costs in Skubana are stored as USD. If you have a cost currency set to a value other than USD, it will be overridden as USD when a cost is sent by Skubana to Appeagle. 

Once your costs are set in Appeagle, you can go on to create a formula to use this cost to calculate min and max prices. 

Configuration Steps

  1. From the Appeagle integrations page click the "Link Skubana Account" button. That button will take you to Skubana's app marketplace. 
  2. Click the Install button on the app page and then click Install again on the App Permissions prompt
  3. You will automatically be redirected to your Appeagle account's Integrations page and see a notice that your Appeagle and Skubana accounts were successfully linked
  4. You will see a final prompt warning that Skubana will overwrite any existing costs. After clicking "Enable," any costs entered in Skubana will sync to Appeagle within the hour