Cost and Cost Currency

Your item's cost and currency are required in order to set your Min and Max prices with the Formula Builder.

To Set Your Cost/Cost Currency on an Individual Listing

The cost and cost currency fields in the edit listing box allow you to enter the cost for your SKU and set the appropriate currency. 

In order to set the currency, the dollar amount you enter into the cost field must be greater than 0. Negative amounts will not be used. 

To Set Your Cost/Cost Currency in Bulk

You can also use templates to update your cost/cost currency. The cost and cost currency columns are included in the "All Available Fields" and the "Set or Update Cost" templates. Cost values that do not have a currency specified will be exported into these templates as USD. If you have a cost specified in your file but no currency set, the file will fail. If you upload a file that has currency indicated, but not cost, the currency codes will not be applied to your listings. 

Currency Code Key 

CAD         Canadian Dollar
EUR                Euro
GBP      British Pound
USD      US Dollar
JPY      Japanese Yen
AUD      Australian Dollar
NZD      New Zealand Dollar
MXN      Mexican Peso
RUB      Russian Ruble
INR      Indian Rupee           
CHF      Swiss Franc
HKD      Hong Kong Dollar 
SGD      Singapore Dollar 
SEK      Swedish Krona 
DKK      Danish Krone 
PLN      Polish Zloty
NOK      Norwegian Krone
HUF      Hungarian Forint
CZK      Czech Koruna
 ILS                     Israeli New Shekel          
BRL      Brazilian Real
MYR      Malaysian Rinngit
PHP      Philippine Peso
TWD      New Taiwan Dollar
THB      Thai Baht
TMT           Turkish Lira