Daily Activity Summary



After continuous efforts to improve the accuracy of the underlying data and working with our users to gather feedback, we've made a few changes to this email that we're excited to tell you about:

1) A new data point has been added: your buy box ownership percentage
2) A redesigned email layout now presents each data point's percentage change from the prior day 
3) The email will now display data from the full prior day, from midnight to 11:59pm, whereas the previous version of this email displayed data from 5pm the previous day to 4:59pm of the current day
Important: The total count of  "Completed Orders" will be shown in the activity email as an overview of your sales. (The vast majority of orders will complete within a day or two, but some orders can take up to a few weeks to move from pending to completed status.)
We'd love to hear what you think of the changes and if there's anything you'd like to see in a future update!

Note: This email can be enabled or disabled anytime in the profile settings of your account.