Canceling Your Subscription


You can cancel your account at anytime, there is no contract as you are billed on a month to month basis. It is the sole responsibility of the account holder to complete this action and to ensure the account has been successfully canceled. Your Appeagle Account Manager cannot cancel your account on your behalf, nor can we provide you with the log-in credentials. To learn more about Billing, Plan, Modification and Payments, please see section 7 and 8 of our Terms of Service.

How Can I Cancel My Account?

  1. Click on the user icon located in the top right and select "Subscription"
  2. Click on "Cancel my account" at the bottom of the subscriptions page
  3. Click the "Continue to Cancel" button at the bottom of the page, fill out the brief one question survey.
  4. Click "Cancel My Account" and a confirmation popup will display followed by an email that your account has been canceled.

What Should I Know Before Canceling?

  • Please be aware that you do have the option of pausing your account, instead of canceling your subscription entirely. However, you will continue to be billed during this time. 
  • It is also important to note that if you are on a Legacy plan, you will lose access to this plan immediately upon canceling. Should you decide to re-subscribe, you will need to make a selection from one of the new plan options.
  • After canceling your account, Appeagle will retain your data for 30 days after which, it will be permanently deleted. 
  • There are no pro-rated refunds, and you will not be charged after your cancellation date.