Your Dashboard

Your Dashboard functions as your home-base for the entire application. From here, you can track your Buy Box ownership, price changes, and sales volume in a concise timeline. The Settings section allows you to easily navigate to your Strategies, Uploads, and Marketplaces pages. You can also choose from a selection of listing views to make it easier to organize and update your items. Essentially, the dashboard is your hub to access your most important information within one centralized space.

Buy Boxes and Sales Volume Graph

This graph will show both your Buy Box ownership and sales volume over a 30 day period. The Buy Boxes view allows you to see your ownership either as the day's average or max. You can also hover your mouse over each point to view the data broken out in real-time. For the points within the Buy Boxes graph, we display the current percentage and amount of your items in the Buy Box. For the Sales Volume graph, we show a number of sales that have taken place that day so far. 
If you have multiple marketplaces connected to your Appeagle account you can also filter the Buy Box and Sales Volume graph to view by marketplace:

Viewing your Buy Box Percentage in Seller Central:

  1. Click "Pricing" within the Site Map
  2. Click "View Pricing Dashboard" in the drop down menu
  3. Select "Buy Box Percentage"

Repricing Overview

The repricing overview displays your current buy box percentage and your repricing activity. The number of price changes over the last 24 hours is provided, as well as a graph showing the distribution of these changes over time.

Note: This number will be different from the price revisions displayed on the Activity tab as it shows value for complete days.

Inventory Overview and Listing Counts

The Inventory Overview Section section gives you an overview of your recent sales and quantity changes. 

The listing counts section provides a breakdown of your listings amounts and how they're calculated in Appeagle.


  • Items with Inventory: The total number of listings that are currently In Stock. 
  • Items in Appeagle: The total count of all your listings. 
  • Managed Listings: The number of listings we are currently repricing. 
  • Listing Limit: The number of listings your account is configured to manage in Appeagle. Your live listings can never exceed your limit, and any listings that download into Appeagle after you've reached your limit will result in your plan being upgraded.

Subscription Details

Your subscription details display your current plan - including your listing limit, repricing frequency, monthly plan price, and next billing date. 

Listing Views

The listing views sections provides quick links to your items that are inactive (either out of stock or set to unmanaged), in the buy box, aren't in the buy box, have no min price, are currently at their min price, or are currently at their max price.