The Activity tab is where you will find a breakdown of the changes/events that occur to your listings. These events include revised prices, quantity changes, sales, and errors. You can view these events on a daily, weekly, or monthly timeline, or by a specific date range as far as 90 days back.


Where is my activity located?

Your activity can be found when clicking on "Activity" tab located on the left-hand side of your account.

  • Completed Orders: These orders are confirmed sales that have taken place. (the vast majority of orders will complete within a day or two, but some orders can take up to a few weeks to move from pending to completed status.)
  • Pending Orders: This view is for items that have not yet been shipped yet and remain in pending status.
  • Buy Box Ownership: We will track your Buy Box percentage each day across all Amazon marketplaces (if applicable).


Note: You can go as far as 90 days back to view this information.

Your Activity


  • Clicking on one of these events will bring you to a list of your items by both their ASIN and SKU with details including the type of change that occurred, the exact time the event took place, and the marketplace the listing belongs to. 
  • You can also click on any listing's SKU to see its complete history, or click on the date to be directed to the Live listing on the marketplace. 
A drop down box at the top of the page allows you to filter between marketplaces and fulfillment types.

Events Include:

Price Revisions: Price revisions will show what the original price was revised to and the exact time it took place. Repricing activity will display as "Revised from $XX.XX to $XX.XX". If the revision is a manual price set through Appeagle, it will say "Changed from $XX.XX to $XX.XX" instead.

Errors: If you have errors within your eBay marketplace, they will show up with a description of the issue and time it occurred. You can reference eBay's Errors by Number when speaking directly with eBay support to resolve your issue.

Number of Sales: If you sell 1 item, the event will display as "1 sold" with the time it occurred. If someone purchases multiple quantities of your item, the event will display as the exact amount that was purchased with the time it occurred as well. 

Listing Ended: If a listing has ended because it's been deleted, gone out of stock, or been ended by the marketplace - the event will display as "Listing Ended" with the time it occurred. 

Buy Box Won/Lost Events: If you win or lose the Buy Box, whether it was because of a price change from you or your competitor, a buy box won or buy box lost event is recorded. Hovering over the text of "Buy Boxes Won" or "Buy Boxes Lost" will show the timestamps of the events. Only the 8 most recent events will be displayed with timestamps.