Setting Min/Max Prices

Setting min/max prices

Your min price is used to define the lowest total price you are willing to sell your item for. It's also required in order for repricing to occur. Appeagle will not reprice a listing without one set. Your max price is the highest total price you are willing to sell an item for. Unlike a min price, max prices are not required but can help maximize profit. Strategies can be set up in ways that allow you to raise all the way to your max but never above it.


Which Pricing method is best for me?

Note: This setting can be found on the last page of strategy setup.
  • Using a formula is recommended if you would like to calculate your min and max prices based on cost. This will allow Appeagle to calculate your min and max prices based on your cost plus a percentage, fixed amount, or shipping price if applicable. If you are using a third party software that updates your cost price on a daily basis, uploads can be automated using our hosted file feature. Learn more here.
  • Entering your items manually is recommended when you already know what your min/max prices are. For example, you are coming from another repricer and have your pricing information on hand to be uploaded into Appeagle.


Set Prices individually

The pencil icon next to each listing will give you the ability enter your min and max price OR the cost and currency of an item.

Uploading a template

When editing a lot of listings at once, you may find it easier to work within an "All Available Fields" template. Learn more about our template specifications here.



Using a Formula

This feature allows you to set your parameters by creating a formula and applying it to the listings assigned to a specific strategy. You can choose to either calculate your Min/Max prices based on your item's cost or set a fixed price.

  • Cost Price: Basing formula off your items cost will allow each listing to have different min/max prices based off of this amount. While basing the formula off of the item's cost is recommended, you can input other values (current price, original price, etc.) in its place. You must provide Appeagle with your item's costs prior to creating the formula. Learn how to add your item's cost to Appeagle. 
  • Fixed Price: Creating a fixed price will apply the SAME min/max price for every listing assigned to the strategy. 

You have the choice to include a percentage of profit, an additional fixed amount, or your shipping costs. After you've confirmed your formula is correct, simply hit save to continue developing your strategy. Once complete, assign this strategy to your listings and their Min price will be automatically generated.

Creating your Formula

Price Protection is accessible within the very last section of your strategy.

  1. Select "Formula" from the Price Protection section of your strategy.
  2. Click "+ New Formula" to begin.
  3. Name your formula something you can easily identify it by.
  4. Within your formula options, select either a fixed amount or cost as a starting point.
  5. You have the choice to include a percentage of profit, an additional fixed amount, or your shipping costs (MFN Only). You can add these values to your formula by selecting the "Add More" option.
  • Percentage: The percentage you indicate will be applied to the total value. If you have identified the cost price + fixed amount first, the percentage will factor into their sum. This is helpful when incorporating marketplace fees into your calculation
  • Fixed amount: A fixed amount is a specific value that will be added to your formula.
  • Shipping cost: for Merchant Fulfilled sellers, if your items have shipping prices, this value MUST be added to your formula. Shipping prices cannot be edited within the formula.
  • Example: The cost price of an item is $20 and the shipping cost we pull in from your marketplace is $5 and you want your min price to add 30%. Here is how we would calculate your min price to be:
  • $20 (cost price) + $2 (Fixed + $3 (Shipping Cost) + 30% = $32.506
  • After you've confirmed your formula is correct, simply hit save and finish the strategy.


  • Creating your formula is done within your strategy. Choosing "Manual", you will set your own Min and Max prices individually or in bulk using templates.
  • A manually set min/max price will override a calculated min/max price. 
  • Appeagle does not immediately receive updated shipping costs. Click here to review the different ways of how to prevent repricing during this process.
  • Banded shipping is not supported in Appeagle. Using a fixed price shipping method to avoid possible incorrect price revisions is highly recommended. Learn More
  • If your listing appears in a marketplace that uses a different currency than what you've specified, Appeagle will automatically convert the currency for you.
  • Exchange rates and min prices are adjusted accordingly at 6:00am GMT daily.

If you have any questions for our team on setting up your min/max prices, feel free to reach out to us at